Most of our security posts are used to protect their homes and businesses. While many know about the benefits of using metal bollards many don’t know how useful wood can be for security bollards. In fact, your needs could just as easily be satisfied by a well made wooden bollard.

wooden bollards

Benefits of Wood Posts

When discussing timber bollards there are a few beneficial things we can focus on. From aesthetics to durability let us explain what wooden driveway security posts can offer.

Wood posts have a pleasing aesthetic 

For those with newer post-modern house designs, the appeal of a metal security post will always be there. However, what about those who want the added theft prevention and safety benefits but don’t like the decor of a metal bollard. Wooden bollards are a great way to tie in the design of a front garden with a driveway and a cottage

The natural look of a timber bollard can lend itself well to a landscape with lots of foliage. You can even add small changes around it to tie in the surroundings better. Wrapped vines or planted flowers will mean you don’t detract from your surroundings.

For those looking for commercial use for a garden centre or park. Wooden bollards lend themselves to their environment well

Wood posts provide safety

A misconception can be made that wood posts aren’t durable. The strength of a wooden driveway security post relies on the materials used and the quality of installation. A well made wooden bollard will be able to withstand the force of most vehicles. Be it a van, car or motorcycle a timber bollard is a safe option for preventing damage and injury.

Wood posts prevent theft

An important factor for thieves is how easy the crime is to commit. A security post no matter the material is a good way to discourage thieves from striking. They are good visual deterrents as they provide a physical barrier that can disrupt the ease of a burglary.

Driveway security posts make accessing any property more difficult for anyone unfamiliar with your property. In this article by Auto Express, you can see that security posts are one of their top recommendations for reducing car theft. 

What is the Right Material for a Wooden Security Bollard?

As briefly mentioned a wooden driveway security post works well if the right material is chosen. This means picking a timber that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is useful for its intended purposes. Here are two wood options we believe make for great security posts:

Oak for timber bollards

Oak is traditionally known to be a strong, durable material for construction. It is the same for wooden bollards, oak is a fantastic material.

Here’s why oak makes for good wooden bollards:

  • Durable 
  • Nice aesthetic wood grain
  • Doesn’t degrade badly under a range of weather conditions
  • Dense and strong

Larch for timber bollards

Larch is possibly lesser-known to people not in construction. Larch is well known in construction for its appearance and durability. High-quality larch is very tough, so perfect for wooden bollards.

Here’s why Larch makes for good wooden bollards:

  • Water-resistant
  • Nice aesthetic colour 
  • Resistant to rot
  • Insect-resistant 

Bison Security Wooden Posts 

If you have decided to go for a wooden bollard then you will want someone to install it. Not only do we have a quality range of timber bollards but we have a team of professionally qualified post installers. Our team offers competitive prices on security post-installation.

If you want more information on why using wood for your security posts is a good idea then call us on 01708 207461. Our team can assist you with their expert knowledge of our range and installation procedures.