If you want to improve your security with bollards and posts, you should know about the accessories available on the market. From keypads to photocells, we will recommend bollard accessories that will improve the functionality of the equipment you currently own or are looking to own. Today we will cover the accessories we believe are necessary for both telescopic and automatic posts.

automatic bollard accessories

Accessories for telescopic posts

Fortunately, when you purchase a telescopic post from our range, you get everything you need for it to work. They provide a simple but reliable function, and only a limited selection of accessories is available. However, there is one must-have accessory for telescopic posts:

Spare keys

To use your telescopic bollard, you need a key to retract or lift them out of the ground, so it’s essential to own a set of additional keys for telescopic bollards. In fact, additional keys are the one vital accessory you need to own when purchasing a telescopic bollard. This is because keys can:

  • Become damaged
  • Be lost
  • Be needed by multiple personnel

No matter the situation you face, you should be able to rely on a spare set of keys that can be hidden on your property or given to a person you can trust. Without them, you risk damage or theft of your property because you are unable to use your bollard effectively.

When you purchase multiple telescopic bollards from Bison, you get the option of not only various colours and heights for the posts but you are given the option of universal or different keys for each post.

Accessories for automatic bollards

If you select any of our automatic bollards you get the option to use your security post through the use of your smartphone, key fob or wireless keypad. Some of our stock does come with key fobs like the Stoppy B Automatic Bollard (500mmx115mm) and our top-of-the-line XPASS 800 K4 Anti-Terrorism Automatic Bollard. However, not all posts come with the accessories you need. So here’s what you should also consider adding to your arsenal.

Key fobs

As discussed many people use their phones for their automatic bollards. Unfortunately, this could leave you locked out if you lose your phone or leave it to run out of battery. Key fobs provide you with an easy-to-use accessory to control the automation of your bollard. We recommend that you take a look at the BFT Mitto Fob Key. The Mitto Fob Key is:

  • Small and easy to carry
  • Reliable
  • Available at an affordable price

Wireless keypad for automatic bollards

If you run a commercial property that uses automatic bollards for safer on-site parking you need a wireless keypad for automatic bollards. With a keypad you can:

  • Connect it to both gates and bollards
  • Have it set multiple access codes, allowing you to monitor access
  • Provide a cheaper alternative to buying multiple keyfobs

Photocell sensor

Photocell sensors are popular for controlling indoor and outdoor lighting but are also great accessories for security posts.

Here’s how a photocell sensor works with an automatic bollard:

Our photocells like the Compacta Photocell come in pairs and send infrared signals to one another. When the infrared beam is broken, a signal is sent. Your automatic bollards will respond accordingly. In turn, this prevents the accidental rising or lowering of an automatic bollard.

Traffic lights for bollards and gates

It’s well-known that security barriers are highly effective for restricting vehicle access, preventing theft and protecting pedestrians. With a traffic light for bollards or gates, you can effectively regulate the flow of traffic. Additionally, it can also be used to indicate when your automatic bollards are fully retracted or about to rise.

Control panel for automatic bollards

Our final pick and an incredibly useful accessory for automatic bollards is a well-crafted control panel. If you own a BFT automatic bollard you should pick up a Perseo CBD Control Panel.


Although CCTV isn’t an accessory that works directly with your security post. Despite this, it is a necessity for any commercial or residential property at risk of theft. They can prove cases of theft or be used to identify criminal activity. A well-placed security camera will deter criminals from lingering around your property.

At Bison, we not only provide quality barriers and posts but we can install CCTV on your property. Our surveillance cameras boast:

  • Smartphone accessibility
  • Motion detection
  • High definition recording

In addition to these features, they work well any time of day and in any weather condition.

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