Although security bollards are typically thought of as pieces of commercial equipment, they can also be used to secure residential properties. The most common types of bollards used for domestic security are driveway bollards. These are typically placed either at the entrance to a driveway or in front of a garage to help prevent theft and illegal parking.

The Complete Guide to Driveway Bollards

There are three types of bollards that are generally considered to be suitable for driveways:

  • Telescopic
  • Automatic
  • Removable

Each bollard has its own advantages, based on how your drive is situated and how you use it. This article will talk you through each of these options and help you to decide the one which is right for you.

Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic bollards are retractable bollards that can be lowered into the ground manually when they are not in use, allowing vehicles to pass over them, but then can be locked in place to prevent vehicles from entering or exiting the established boundaries. These bollards are both an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to improve the security of your home.

If you are worried about the potential lifting weight of larger telescopic bollards, we supply lift-assisted bollards. The lift assist reduces the operating weight by 70%, making it far easier to raise and lower the bollard by hand.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic driveway bollards are controlled remotely using a key fob. They are raised and lowered via a hydraulic pump system, and therefore require a more extensive installation process and are unsurprisingly the most expensive option out of the three mentioned in this blog.

As they can be controlled remotely, these types of bollards are perfect for homes with vehicles entering and exiting many times a day. Or, for example, for those who live in a residential development where multiple people share a car park.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards have the simplest operating mechanism and are thus the cheapest out of the three driveway security posts. They can be removed quickly and stored in your garage or car boot, for example, when they are not being used.

Removable bollards are typically the most suitable choice for areas with high water table levels. Whilst it can be difficult to raise a telescopic bollard out of the ground if you have a high-water table, removable bollards require a far shallower foundation and so can be lifted out with ease. Equally, high water table levels also cause metal bollards to rust prematurely, a problem that will be avoided with removable bollards.

If there are restrictions on how deep you can dig e.g., there are pipes or wiring under your driveway, removable bollards may be the best choice for the same reason.

Installation of Driveway Bollards

Once you have decided on which driveway bollard is right for you, it is time to think about installation. Our experienced installation team can also offer expert advice on how many bollards your driveway may need or make bespoke recommendations regarding landscaping element protection.

At Bison Security Posts, we stock a wide range of residential bollards. Should you need help or assistance with your purchase, or you would like to book an installation, contact us today on 01707 207672 or via our online contact form.