When picking a security post for your home or business, you will want something dependable. Whether it’s based on appearance or safety, the best security post should offer a balance of both. At Bison Security Posts, we have worked with countless clients to give them advice on property security for commercial businesses or civilian residents. 

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The 3 Most Trustworthy Types of Security Posts

When it comes to not diminishing the aesthetic of a professional or home setting, we recommend security posts with mobility. These are the three easy security posts we trust most:

1. Fold-down security posts

With a fold-down post, you strike a great balance between convenience and security. The fact they are above ground means installation is easier and cheaper. This is because you don’t have to open a hole into the ground for the post just for the screws. So this is the best affordable option for a security post that benefits commercial and residential property security.  

2. Telescopic security posts

With a telescopic security post, you have the option of visible security when you want it. This style of bollard allows you to make it visible when you decide to. Unlike a fold-down security post, the telescopic security post can hide in the ground when it isn’t in use. For those who want a particular aesthetic for their property but still want a reliable amount of security, a telescopic bollard is a great choice.

3. Automatic security posts

With an automatic security post, you get the easiest to use bollard. Using either a smartphone or key fob, you can retract your security bollard into the ground. Although it is the most expensive option of the three it is the most convenient. 

Commercial Security 

With commercial security, many people will immediately think of security cameras first. Security cameras are great deterrents but provide no physical barrier. A security post limits mobility. For crimes relating to burglary, this is great. 

Having a security post means when your business is unprotected by staff, you still have a dependable level of commercial security. By setting up a security bollard you can increase the difficulty of burglaries and even the time it takes to steal from your business. 

For burglars who will try to ignore your security posts, slowing them down is useful. Increasing the time it takes them to steal could be the difference between the police arriving on time or when they are already gone.  

Property Security for your Home

Following on from commercial security, residential property security is also affected by using security posts. The most frequently used security post for home is a driveway security post. So let’s speak about it in depth.  

Do driveway security posts work?

You might ask yourself “do driveway security posts actually work?” The short answer to this is yes. Any style of moveable post is incredibly useful as a theft deterrent. 

A great example is using a telescopic security post in your driveway. You can drop your security post down into the ground and drive into your parking spot and then afterwards you can raise the bollard again. If a thief were to try and steal your car they would struggle a great deal to go around your driveway security post.

In a morning interview run by ITV, they had an ex-burglar pick out what he looked for. Michael Fraser, now a security expert mentioned how burglars are “opportunists” and they look for houses “where you don’t do any sort of security”. Therefore, one post could be the difference between your property’s security being tested or your next-door neighbours. 

Need Advice on your Property Security?

Get in touch with Bison Security Posts today by calling us on 01708 207316. We can help discuss how you can better protect your property today by using a security bollard. Our team has the expert knowledge to recommend the right product for you. After that, we can even install it for you with our professional installation service.