Car parks are bustling environments that require effective security measures to protect vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of bollards and barriers for car parks, offering valuable insights and expert advice on selecting the best options for your car park. Whether you’re a property owner, facility manager, or simply seeking to optimise security, this article will help you make the right choice.

The Importance of Reliable Bollards and Barriers in Car Parks

In an era where safety and security are paramount, it’s crucial to understand the increasing need for robust safety measures in car parks.

Bollards and barriers play a vital role in:

  • Safeguarding your car park
  • Preventing unauthorised access
  • Mitigating potential risks to pedestrians

Failing to invest in adequate protection can result in vehicle damage, theft, and even harm to pedestrians.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Bollards and Barriers

There are four key factors to consider when deciding what bollards and barriers are suitable for your car park.

1. Material and Durability

Selecting the right material for your bollards and barriers is essential for ensuring their strength, resistance, and longevity. Stainless steel, concrete, and plastic are commonly used materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Analysing the specific requirements of your car park environment will help determine the most suitable material for your needs. For example, directing pedestrians around a car park does not always require stainless steel bollards. However, if there is a chance of high-speed vehicles steel bollards will offer better protection.

2. Security Levels and Impact Resistance

Understanding the desired security levels for your car park is crucial when selecting bollards and barriers. Various impact ratings are available, with higher ratings offering increased protection against forced entry and vehicular collisions.

Assessing the potential risks and vulnerabilities of your car park will guide you in choosing the appropriate security level. For example, the entrance to a car park may require better impact resistance than bollards within the area.

3. Design and Aesthetics

While security is of utmost importance, integrating bollards and barriers harmoniously with the car park’s aesthetics is also vital.

Opt for designs that not only enhance visibility but also complement the overall appearance of the area. Modern innovations in barrier design have led to aesthetically pleasing options that don’t compromise security.

Powder coating a bollard or barrier is an excellent way to get the exact colour required for your car park aesthetic.

4. Installation and Maintenance Considerations

Efficient installation and ongoing maintenance are crucial for the functionality and longevity of bollards and barriers.

Familiarise yourself with the installation process for different types of bollards, and ensure you have a clear understanding of the required maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. However, if you need bollards or barriers installed quickly and efficiently use a bollard and barrier installation service, like what we offer at Bison.

Consider low-maintenance options to minimise costs and efforts. Remember that bollards should be serviced, they are a safety device so you need to be sure that they remain safe!

Types of Bollards and Barriers for Car Parks

Depending on your type of car park and design some bollards and barriers will be better than others. However, we will cover three different types to give you an idea of your options.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards provide a permanent and robust solution for consistent security. Available in various subtypes such as surface-mounted or embedded, these bollards are ideal for preventing unauthorised vehicle access and securing pedestrian walkways.

At Bison Security Posts we have a wide range of fixed bollards for car parks. Our two favourite fixed bollards for car parks include:

  1. Hexham Ferrocast Polyurethane Bollard – A classic design ideal for walkways around the edges of car parks. It adds a timeless aesthetic to any car park
  2. Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard with Mitre Top – A more modern design for a city centre, this clean look is also ideal for businesses such as car showrooms.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards offer flexibility in managing access control in your car park. They can be easily installed and removed, allowing temporary or controlled access when needed. Removable bollards are particularly useful in scenarios where occasional changes to the traffic flow are required.

Bison Security Posts stock various removable bollards ideal for your car park. The two we would recommend are:

  1. 790mm Removable Bollard – 200mm spigot allows the possibility of installation in a multi-storey car park and at £138 inc VAT it offers great value for money.
  2. 900mm Heavy Duty Yellow Removable Bollard – Bright yellow with a 300mm spigot this heavy duty post has excellent stopping power and two spigots as standard

Automatic Barriers

Automatic barriers provide convenience, speed, and efficient access control for car parks. Options like boom barriers, sliding gates, and rising arm barriers offer seamless entry and exit while maintaining a high level of security. These barriers can be integrated with access control systems, adding an extra layer of protection.

Security for Pedestrians and Vehicles

A car park is a place where people store one of their most valuable possessions, their car. So, they need to be reassured that their car is in a safe and secure area.

Bollards and barriers not only protect vehicles but pedestrians too. They can stop vehicles from travelling at high speeds and endangering pedestrians when moving around the car park.

Follow this guide to maximise the security of your car park and create a design that is more pleasing to the eye than the typical tarmac car park. If you’re looking for additional security measures other than bollards, check out our other blog which also a number of other car park security systems that you can integrate.

Bison Security Posts offer solutions for residential and commercial car parks with durable and aesthetically pleasing bollards and barriers. We also offer a multi-purchase discount on all our posts and bollards.

Speak to our team today or browse our store for your car park security solution.

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