Automated bollards are an increasingly popular security measure for commercial properties, offering numerous advantages over traditional security barriers and manual operations. In this article, we’ll look at the appearance and functionality of automated bollards, as well as their cost-effectiveness and advanced security options.

What are Automated Bollards?

Automated bollards are specialised barriers designed to rise up or slide out of the ground when activated by an access control system. They offer a sleek, professional look that is aesthetically pleasing while still providing effective deterrence against unauthorised vehicles entering a property. Automated bollards also offer reliable access control, allowing authorised personnel to pass through with ease.

Installing automated bollards is relatively straightforward but requires some manual labour. It can take a day to install one bollard if you have the correct tools for the job. The uncomplicated installation process is what makes bollards attractive to businesses as well as the strong security benefits.


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Appearance and Functionality

Automated bollards are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The sleek, modern look adds a professional touch to any commercial property, while the bollards themselves provide effective deterrence against unauthorised vehicles.

Depending on the model, automated bollards can either rise up or slide out of the ground when activated by an access control system. This ensures that authorised personnel can easily pass through while unauthorised vehicles are prevented from entering.

The reason why automatic bollards are in such demand for business is the way they retract into the ground. Subsequently, when your business is open there is no inconvenient obstacle in the way for customers to enter your premises. Security measures can appear ugly, but an automated bollard, similar to telescopic security posts, can be retracted with little effort.

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In addition to the aesthetic and functional advantages of automated bollards, they also offer significant cost savings in terms of operational costs and labour costs associated with manual security operations.

In fact, businesses in the UK are eligible for certain tax incentives when they install automated bollards, such as those outlined in the Business Income Manual. Security bollards can be classed as a security asset under the S81 Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005. It states:

“’Asset’ includes equipment and a structure such as a wall. So, items such as alarm systems, bullet-resistant windows, floodlighting, reinforced doors and windows and perimeter walls and fences will qualify. The right to a deduction is not affected by the fact that the asset may become fixed to land or that the trader may be or become entitled to the property in the asset (or, if the asset is a fixture, to any interest or estate in the land concerned).”

So, an automated bollard can give you tax savings and savings on wages for manual security operations.

Please be aware that we are not tax advisors and you should discuss your tax deductions with your accountant.

Advanced Security Options

Modern automated bollards offer advanced security options that make them even more attractive to businesses. Smartphone and remote access capabilities allow authorised personnel to open bollards remotely, while remote monitoring can be used to keep track of activity in and around the property. Automated alerts can also provide instant notification when security breaches or other incidents occur, allowing for quick response times.

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A solid bollard is an effective deterrent for criminals as it is a visual representation of how your commercial property takes security seriously. In particular, our XPASS automatic bollard is designed as an anti-terrorism device and can stop vehicles travelling at 30 miles per hour. It is an imposing bollard and an effective deterrent for smash-and-grab robberies.


Automated bollards provide an attractive and cost-effective security solution for businesses. They offer a modern, professional look as well as numerous advanced features like smartphone and remote access capabilities, automated alerts, and remote monitoring. For these reasons, businesses should consider installing automated bollards as part of their overall security strategy.

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