Introducing the XPASS 800, the next generation of anti-terrorism bollards. This bollard is perfect for high-security commercial premises such as government buildings.

The XPASS 800 is made from high-strength galvanised steel and has been crash test certified to withstand an attempted ram raid attack from a 7,500kg vehicle travelling 30mph. 

In addition to its anti-ram capabilities, the XPASS800 is automatic. The bollard is controlled via a key fob, meaning that it will retract and rise out of the ground with a touch of a button. When activated, the bollard is 800mm in height and 273mm in diameter. It also comes equipped with an LED light crown. 

Due to its heavy-duty construction and intuitive design, the XPASS 800 is an unrivalled modern security solution.

The bollard comes with 1 x Mitto Fob Control free of charge. Additional Fobs are available on our website.

It can also be operated using our Perseo CBD Control Panel