If you want a bollard designed for maximum security and convenience, look no further than the Stoppy MBB Automatic Bollard. 

This durable bollard is designed to withstand both serious vehicle impact and extreme environmental conditions. Given that all metal parts are cataphoresis-treated, it is extremely resistant to corrosion. 

The Stoppy MBB automatic bollard is also built for high usage. It has an internal oil-bath gear motor which reduces friction within the mechanism to ensure optimal operation and maximise the bollard’s life expectancy. This feature makes it perfect for commercial use i.e. in situations where bollards would have to be raised and lowered very frequently. 

It is available in two different heights (500mm or 700mm) and two different finishes (painted steel coloured RAL 7015 or stainless steel). It is up to you to decide which version of the bollard will work and look best for you! 

All versions are equipped with an LED light crown, making the bollard suitable for areas with low visibility. The LED light cap fits perfectly into the floor flange when the shaft is lowered, thus reducing the risk of debris getting into the casing.

As with our entire automatic range, this bollard is managed remotely. It can be operated using fob remotes, keypads or Bluetooth. Importantly, it is compatible with the Perseo CBD control panel, which can manage up to four bollards in parallel. This unit features a programming menu on the display with an integrated heating element and an incorporated receiver. 

With a leading reputation in the automation industry, all BFT products are built to exceptional standards. Equipped with the latest electromechanical and security technology, the Stoppy MBB automatic bollard is no exception.

Download our Stoppy MBB installation manual for further information