Introducing the BFT COMPACTA photocell, a piece of modern technology that can be seamlessly integrated into your automated security system.

The COMPACTA photocell is one of the smallest photocells on the market, measuring just 110mm x 33mm x 33mm. It works with our entire range of BFT automatic bollards and can be mounted on a brick wall or brick/timber piers. Separate mounts can be purchased in addition if required.

Key features

  • Compact Design: the design of this mini photocell pair is a marriage of practicality and style; both space-saving and sleek.
  • Flexibility: the COMPACTA photocell has a wide power supply range (12-33Vac 50/60Hz and 15-35Vdc), making it suitable for a number of different installations. It can also be connected to BFT control panels for testing.
  • Simple Installation: it has an adjustable lens offering a full 180° range (horizontally). This means that it can be installed on walls or posts that are not exactly aligned. 10° operation is guaranteed on the vertical plane.

The BFT COMPACTA photocell also has a screwless cover which clicks into place for easy access, as well as a flexible cable entry with access from the back or the bottom side. This results in greater protection against water ingress.

How Does a Photocell Sensor Work?

  • Photocells come in pairs and send infrared signals to one another.
  • When the infrared beam is broken, a signal is sent. 
  • Your automatic bollards will respond accordingly. 
  • This prevents the accidental rising or lowering of an automatic bollard.
  • Thus, it drastically reduces the chances of your bollards causing any damage.
 Current demand Transmitter: 20mA
Receiver: standby 12mA / max 30mA
 Supply voltage 12 – 33Vac 50/60Hz
15 – 35Vdc
Protection rating IP44
Operating temperature range -20 / +55°C
 Range 20m

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