Cycle Stands for Sale

With Bison Security Post cycle stands, coupled with a good lock, your bike will be secure from criminals looking for high-value bikes unsecured on the street. 

We currently sell two cycle stands, both are stainless steel and embedded in the ground for a robust street fixing to lock your bike to. Our stands are designed to be simple and effective, without disrupting the visual appeal of the high street or business they are located in. A cycle stand offers an easy solution to the common problem of cycle parking at the end of your cycling journey.

  • Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stands

    £114.00 inc. VAT, £95.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery
  • Stainless Steel Cycle Stand with Tapping Bar

    £202.80 inc. VAT, £169.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery

Use a cycle stand as a simple secure solution

Bike parking in the form of cycle stands can provide a convenient and secure way for cyclists to secure their bicycles when they are not using them. Cycle stands are an ideal solution as they require minimal maintenance, installation is cost-effective and they can be easily positioned near transport hubs or other areas where there is high footfall.

The effective use of cycle stands also has environmental benefits. By providing bike parking in locations where cyclists can easily store their bicycles when not in use, cycle stands help promote cycling as a sustainable transport option. This can reduce the number of automobiles on the road and ultimately contribute to improved air quality.

Overall, cycle stands can be an effective bike parking solution. Their secure nature provides peace of mind for cyclists, while their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation make them ideal for various applications.

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