Timber Bollards

There is an abundance of bollards on the market today, with most available types made from either aluminium, cast iron or steel. Whilst timber bollards are often overlooked when it comes to security and safety precautions, they are just as effective and durable. 

  • Stratton Eco Timber Bollard

    £226.80 inc. VAT, £189.00 excl. VAT

    Free UK Delivery
  • Stratton Double Light Timber Bollard

    £342.00 inc. VAT, £285.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery

Wooden Bollards for Commercial and Residential Properties

Much like their metal cousins, wooden posts provide a barrier between pedestrians and moving vehicles. In particular, timber bollards are popular across many commercial premises because they can blend in with their natural surroundings and help emphasise the overall look of the area. Of course, aesthetics should always be secondary when it comes to safety. That is why our timber bollards have been carefully designed to withstand the force of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles (up to specified limits) to prevent any damage or injury. 

Although timber bollards are often installed in car parks and beside roads, they are also a great cost-effective addition to any residential property. Our Stratton Eco Timber Bollards have the option of a larch wood or an oak finish, meaning that it is up to you to decide which of these elegant wooden bollards will best suit your landscape. Their natural look can even be enhanced by planting foliage around the base of the post!

Fitted with energy-efficient LED low voltage lamp units, our timber bollards are also suited to dimly lit residential areas. Illuminated bollards may be necessary if you want to prevent unauthorised vehicle access in a rural setting. It is important to note, however, our wooden security posts are fixed into the ground. If you need a more flexible or workable driveway security solution, check out our range of automatic, removable, and telescopic bollards. Whatever your security needs, we will have it covered.

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