Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are a great lightweight alternative to bolt down bollards and other more permanent fixtures. They allow you to create the appearance of a secure area but can then be easily removed when necessary.

  • Removable Heavy Duty Bollard with Integral Lock

    £414.00 inc. VAT, £345.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various colours and sizesFree UK Delivery
  • Available in various coloursFree UK Delivery
  • Removable Bollard/Security Post – 790mm High

    £138.00 inc. VAT, £115.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various coloursFree UK Delivery
  • Stainless Steel Removable Security Post 900mm high

    £282.00 inc. VAT, £235.00 excl. VAT

    Free UK Delivery
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Available in various coloursFree UK Delivery

Removable Security Posts for Commercial and Residential Properties

As the cheapest security solution with the simplest operating mechanism, removable security posts are very popular. In turn, they have a variety of commercial and residential applications. 

Removable Parking Posts for Your Home

The great thing about using removable parking posts to secure your driveway is that they can be simply removed and stored in your garage or car boot, for example, when they are not being used.  Alternatively, customers may choose to purchase a second ground spigot and have this fitted just to store the removable post.

Whilst they will not necessarily withstand serious vehicle impact (heavy vehicles at high speeds), they are sturdy enough to prevent unwanted entry. Removable parking bollards are great for people who are looking for a more affordable and easy-to-use driveway security solution, as well as one that will not disrupt the aesthetics of their home!

Removable Bollards for Businesses

Removable security posts are an attractive security solution because they are not only smaller than their locked counterparts, but they can be installed on pavements or roads that need to be kept open sometimes.

If businesses want to prevent unauthorised access at certain times of the day, removable bollards are a great way of securing a parking lot or other areas with time-restricted uses.  Importantly, without the need to install fixed bollards, they will do this without making your commercial property look like a fortress!

Removable Security Posts for Construction Sites

The ability to quickly set up road barriers and bollards around construction areas is invaluable for preventing accidents, ensuring worker safety, blocking off streets, and directing foot traffic.

As they can be easily removed when not in use (or in case of emergency), removable posts are perfect for construction sites, especially those where the traffic pattern changes often.

Additional Considerations for Removable Bollards

  • Removable bollards are generally the most suitable choice for areas with high water table levels. Whilst it can be a struggle to raise a telescopic bollard out of the ground if you have a high-water table, removable bollards require a far shallower foundation and so can be lifted out with ease.
  • If there are restrictions on how deep you can dig e.g., there are pipes or wiring underground, removable bollards may be the best choice for the same reason.

Affordable Bollards for Sale in the UK

This versatile security measure is ideal for all types of applications, including block paving, tarmac, concrete, and gravel. Bison Security’s collection of removable bollards also come in a range of different colours and heights, meaning that you can find the bollard that is perfectly suited to your needs!

If you are in the market for something slightly different, we also stock a variety of automatic, fold down, and telescopic bollards!