Static Barriers

Static security barriers are designed to provide a physical obstruction between people and areas that pose a safety hazard. They are often installed in locations where there is a risk of collisions, such as near roads and railways. Installing a fixed barrier helps to prevent accidents and injuries by limiting the access of vehicles to specific areas.

At Bison Security Posts, our range lets you pick between many sizes to fit the areas that you need to protect. Property security should be highly customisable, which is why we stock a variety of lengths and colours of our fixed barriers. You should browse below to see the full range and find the security solution that is perfect for you!

  • Black and Yellow Hooped Barrier – 48mm Diameter

    £138.00 inc. VAT, £115.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various sizesFree UK Delivery
  • Static Hoop Barrier 48mm Best Seller

    £94.80 inc. VAT, £79.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various colours and sizesFree UK Delivery
  • Static Hoop Barrier 60-90mm

    £198.00 inc. VAT, £165.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various colours and sizesFree UK Delivery
  • Stainless Steel Cycle Stand with Tapping Bar

    £202.80 inc. VAT, £169.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery
  • Galvanised Steel Fixed Hoop Barrier RB60

    £186.00 inc. VAT, £155.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery

Advantages of static security barriers

Static security barriers have a number of advantages over our other barriers and bollards. They are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Low tech

Once static security barriers are installed the only reason to maintain them is if a vehicle hits the barrier at high-speed. Otherwise, they are effective in their simplicity.

They have fewer unique features than other models such as automatic bollards, which have their own benefits. While this limits their uses, they never fail in their intended purpose. They excel in their function of protecting property and pedestrians from being hit by moving vehicles.

Our new range of static barriers comes in a selection of sizes and powder-coated colours. The bright colours will make the barrier highly visible and help to ensure that drivers will see the barrier and avoid hitting it. In contrast, darker and more natural tones can be used low traffic areas where aesthetics are just as important as safety. These darker colours will blend in with foliage if you prefer them to not be too visible. All our powder-coated colours are built to last a lifetime.

Other Bison services

Other than selling static barriers, we also provide a professional installation service and stock other security posts such as anti-ram posts and fold-down posts. Our whole product line is centred around working well as a unit, so we recommend exploring other options for your property security. So if you find that you need advice on Bison static security barriers, then contact our experts on 01708 933249.