Removable Barriers

Our removable barriers provide a smart and quick way to limit vehicle access. They can be partially lifted to allow quick vehicle access or can be completely removed. You will find they act as a great way to protect pedestrians in areas of high footfall, especially with our removable hoop barriers and anti-ram barriers. Their heavy-duty materials are highly effective at stopping vehicles in their tracks. We stock a range of models available in different sizes and styles.

  • Bulldog SA6 Removable Security Barrier – Anti Ram

    £426.00 inc. VAT, £355.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery
  • Heavy Duty Steel Removable Hoop Barrier – 1.5m Long

    £414.00 inc. VAT, £345.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various coloursFree UK Delivery

Why choose removable barriers?

Removable barriers can secure areas without the inconvenience of a fixed barrier. Removable hoop barriers are effective in various situations, not just for securing cars in your office car park. They are perfect for ensuring an area you need irregular access but high security.

When combined with roller shutter doors, they can provide an extra layer of protection against ram-raiding. They can also prevent overnight access to valuable machines like forklifts or tractors. Setting them up in rows can cover and protect large areas of space whilst still allowing access when needed. 

Despite being removable, you will find they still supply the same level of protection as fixed posts. These barriers can include a metal casing that is permanently fixed in the ground for extra durability. The materials are the exact same as fixed security posts so they will not degrade under extreme weather conditions, hot or cold, wet or dry.

At Bison Security Posts, we sell reliable security posts that are rated to protect your business or venue. Besides selling removable hoop barriers, we also provide a professional installation service and stock other security posts such as anti-ram posts and regular automatic bollards. So if you find that you need advice on our products, then contact one of our experts on 01708 933249.   

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