Arm Barriers

Security barriers are designed to protect people, property, and assets from unauthorised access or theft. Our selection of arm barriers can keep unwanted vehicles out and can keep vehicles in your building secure! 

Our range lets you pick between many sizes to fit the areas you need to be protected. We know property security should be highly customisable, which is why we stock these varied lengths of our arm barriers. Browse below to see the full range and find the security solution that is perfect for you!

  • Manual Rising Arm Barrier 3m -7m

    £1,170.00 inc. VAT, £975.00 excl. VAT

    Available in various sizesFree UK Delivery

Advantages of an arm barrier

Manual Arm Barriers

A manual arm barrier provides a cost-effective solution for limiting access to your business or property. They can be easy to install and will last you years due to their robust build. Even with limited maintenance checks. If you need a product ideal for parking control, road access and heavy traffic then make sure to consider one.

Our new range of manual arm barriers features a slimline design making them easy to move between positions when unlocked. Despite this, they do not lose the same protective advantages of a regular arm barrier. This barrier is ideal for areas where access only needs to be restricted during certain times of the day.

Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

With automatic rising arm barriers, you are paying a little extra for a lot more. A major advantage of these barriers is that they can be equipped with sonar detection sensors, and a self-contained access control system. This means you can regulate vehicle access with no one on-site and still allow authorised people past your barrier. 

On top of this, automatic rising arm barriers are often harder for criminals to get around than manual barriers. They are hugely beneficial as car parking barriers that are used in residential, industrial, commercial or leisure centres. Additionally, like the manual range, our selection of automatic rising arm barriers is durable and designed to last.

Other Bison services

Other than selling arm barriers, we also provide a professional installation service and stock other security posts such as anti-ram posts and regular automatic bollards. Our whole product line is centred around working well as a unit, so we recommend exploring other options for your property security. So if you find that you need advice on Bison Security arm barriers, then contact our experts on 01708 956833.

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