Anti-Terror Bollards

Our hostile vehicle mitigation bollards are made to the top safety standards. Through them, you can successfully reduce terrorist attacks through vehicles that can ram pedestrians or buildings.

We carefully have selected the most trusted anti-terror bollards in the industry. These posts provide incomparable safety while maintaining their own unique aesthetics. Counter-terror bollards provide legitimate hostile vehicle mitigation and can stop a car dead in its tracks.

  • Benito Automatic Bollard 220 x 660mm – 8mm Thickness

    £3,954.00 inc. VAT, £3,295.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery
  • XPASS 800 K4 Anti-Terrorism Automatic Bollard

    £6,824.40 inc. VAT, £5,687.00 excl. VAT
    Free UK Delivery

Why you need counter-terror bollards

Each anti-terror bollard has its own level of durability. With the starting strength being able to stop your typical car going 30mph and the strongest being able to stop a lorry. You can guarantee your business's safety. To find their strength rating, look at either their PAS or K rating. This post on the purposes of anti-terrorism bollards explains these ratings and more. 

Any of our hostile vehicle mitigation posts can provide safety to even high-security commercial premises such as government buildings. Their heavy-duty build and construction work well, whether they are stationary or automatic models. 

Our automatic counter-terror bollards allow for key fob use. It’s a great modern solution for businesses that are operating at full speed. It allows you to constantly change between allowing and restricting entry to your premises.  

These counter-terror bollards can withstand any weather condition and climate. Because of their high-quality coating, even standard wear and tear blemishes that could be caused by rainwater can be negated. This retains not only their functionality but appearance as well.

At Bison Security Posts, we sell hostile vehicle mitigation bollards that have the correct ratings to protect your business or venue. Additionally, other than selling anti-terrorist bollards, we also provide a professional installation service and stock other security posts such as anti-ram posts and regular automatic bollards. So if you find that you need advice on counter-terror bollards, then contact one of our experts on 01708 956833.

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