A lack of effective security can lead your business to ruin. It is not just theft of your products, but unexpected oversights in your security will damage your business.

But investing in your business security can be a difficult decision. You have other more pressing costs that will take your financial attention. So, what aspects of your commercial security should you spend money on? Read on to learn about six ways to improve your business security, some that you might not have even considered.

cctv business security

1. Outdoor property security

The first part of commercial security you should think about is the outside of your building. Think about, how do people and vehicles get on your property? Is there easy access for the public?

Commerical security bollards are a great example of a physical barrier that prevents more than theft. Bollards can be used to block off access to pedestrians and vehicles. Using security bollards is a simple, yet highly effective, way to improve your commercial business security

Other than this you can also get installed:

  • Stronger windows
  • Better locks
  • Heavier doors

Theft is most damaging to property when break-ins are attempted at night. Thieves want to get inside your property quickly and are willing to do anything to smash their way in. There are fewer eyewitnesses and less of a chance to catch the culprit at night. With security bollards, you can severely reduce the chance of a vehicle used as a battering ram being effective.

If you are concerned about more damaging attempts at entry, especially with vehicles, consider anti-terror devices. Anti-terror bollards can stop vehicles in their tracks. They can also protect employees and customers from being hurt by moving vehicles around your business too.

2. Install CCTV

CCTV is used as a security system in many businesses. If you have a physical storefront, it’s necessary to protect your goods and help you prosecute potential shoplifters. CCTV footage can also protect your employees and consumers by acting as a deterrent.

Fake cameras are an option and can deter crime at a fraction of the cost. But when a crime is committed it often makes the situation worse than originally intended. Without CCTV footage, you cannot prove cases of theft or use it to identify criminal activity. Business owners have even been sued by employees claiming the cameras gave them a false sense of safety that these cameras provide. In court cases, ‘victims’ have argued that they were misled into believing that their vicinity is under constant surveillance and therefore completely safe.

You can even prevent employees from stealing from you. With 75% of employees admitting to stealing from their employers at least once, you should consider installing CCTV rather than installing fake CCTV cameras.

3. Provide training

You should not expect your employees to put themselves in danger for the sake of protecting your stock. That being said, employees can still go through security training that can benefit them when certain scenarios occur.

Having the right training for an employee is paramount for a scenario in which theft or damage to your business can occur. Being a good eyewitness is one of the best ways to seek justice when theft or any other crime occurs. Tell your employees to remember permanent characteristics:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Build
  • Complexion

Other factors like hair length, colour and facial hair are viewed as temporary characteristics as they can be changed easily. Scars and tattoos can also be helpful to remember but depending on the clothes worn, they can be hidden.

4. Signposting

If you have CCTV bring it to the attention of people visiting your business. Ample signage communicates that you take your security seriously. For example, signs such as “we prosecute shoplifters”, or “CCTV in operation” can ward off a shoplifter. Additionally, it doesn’t make your business look hostile. Your customers may acknowledge these signs but likely won’t care about them.

5. Hiring security

If you sell high-value items that can be carried away by hand, hiring security can seriously benefit your business. Not only do these guards physically deter thieves but they can legally make a citizen’s arrest or force people to leave your business.

You might even find that your staff feel more comfortable having a member of staff that is there constantly to protect the business and by extension them too. Although they will not put themselves in physical danger they are trained to deescalate potentially dangerous scenarios.

6. Cybersecurity

Criminals can break into your business in more than just a physical way these days. They can now break into your digital business too. If your business is running a significant portion of its sales online or has a database containing confidential information, you need good cybersecurity. A government study estimates that cybercrime costs the UK economy £27 Billion per year. So, when you are considering your business security you need to think about cybersecurity.

You should think about these questions when considering your cybersecurity:

  • Do you have Wi-Fi on your premises? Is it secured? Do you monitor searches that go through on your Wi-Fi?
  • Do your employees have work accounts? Are they creating or being provided with a secure password?
  • Are your antivirus and firewall protections up to date on all work devices?
  • Are your company devices locked? Do they have their use monitored?
  • Is sensitive data encrypted? Are you following the GDPR guidelines?
  • Do ex-employees have their work accounts terminated?
  • Is admin access only available for recommended senior employees?
  • Do you securely store backups of your data in case it is stolen?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then you can improve your cyber safety.

Even if you are a small business, you should consider getting a safe baseline of cybersecurity. In reality, small businesses often get targeted by hackers due to them having less sophisticated cybersecurity. This grants them easier access to being hacked and having their information or financial resources stolen.

​​Bison can help

At Bison Security Posts, we sell bollards to protect your business, home or venue. Additionally, other than selling anti-terrorist bollards, we also provide a professional installation service and stock other security posts such as anti-ram posts and regular automatic bollards. So if you find that you need advice, then contact one of our experts on 01708 956833.