Parking and security bollards are an effective way to protect a parking area, prevent unauthorised use of it, and increase the security of your vehicles, but can you install them anywhere you like?

It’s important to consider the legalities of installing bollards before you go ahead and make changes to a parking site. Many people ask, do you need planning permission for parking bollards?

Fortunately, the answer is no. You don’t need planning permission to install parking or security bollards, provided you own the land on which you’re going to install the bollards.

If you’re a freeholder and you own your parking space, for example, you can proceed with an installation and rely on parking and security bollards to keep your parking area secure and private. However, if you’re unsure whether or not you’re permitted to install bollards, it’s worth checking with your local council in advance.

This article is for information purposes only, discuss planning permission applications with your council, your solicitors or a specialist if you have any concerns about installing bollards on your property.

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Do You Need Planning Permission for Bollards If You’re a Leaseholder?

If you’re a leaseholder, you won’t necessarily need planning permission to install bollards, but you will need to seek approval from your landlord, freeholder, and/or property management company. As you aren’t the owner of the land, it’s vital to get the appropriate permission before you make any changes, such as installing one or more bollards.

Can You Install Parking Bollards on Residential Land?

Absolutely. In fact, bollards are becoming an increasingly popular way for homeowners to enhance the security of their property. When you add fold-down posts, retractable bollards or removable posts to your driveway or parking space, for example, you can prevent anyone from driving into the area without your permission. Furthermore, you can reduce the likelihood of anyone absconding with your vehicle by raising the bollard once you’re parked on your private land.

Remember – you can only install bollards on land that you own unless you have permission from the freeholder. If you’re unsure whether you own your parking space, you can check the deeds of your property to determine where the boundary lies.

Do You Need Planning Permissions for Bollards on a Public Road?

Many people want to park directly outside their homes or workplaces and installing a bollard might seem like an effective way to reserve your spot. However, you can’t install a parking or security bollard on land that you don’t own, unless you have permission to do so. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t install a bollard on a public road without consent from your local council.

Where Is the Best Place to Install Parking Bollards?

Installing one or more parking bollards is a good way of preventing vehicles from using your private property for parking – providing you put them in the right place! Installing bollards too far apart will mean that smaller vehicles can still access the space, for example.

Due to this, it’s important to plan the installation carefully and choose bollards that will safeguard your parking space(s).

Remember – when you’re preparing to install bollards, they must go on the land you own and not outside of it. It may seem sensible to stop cars accessing your land by situating a parking bollard at its entrance but, if you don’t own this portion of the land, you could be forced to remove any bollards you’ve installed.

Check out our guide on UK bollard regulations for more information.

Is It Worth Installing Parking Bollards on Residential Property?

Parking and security bollards have a variety of purposes, and they can be a fantastic addition to residential property. Neighbourly disputes regarding parking are common occurrences but using bollards to protect your private property helps to prevent disagreements. What’s more – security bollards can prevent your vehicles from being accessed once in situ and they may even help to reduce your insurance premiums!

Our range of bollards even ensures you can choose materials and colours that match your exterior décor, so adding parking bollards to your land can be an unobtrusive way to maximise security while boosting kerb appeal.

With no need to apply for planning permission for private land use, installing parking and security bollards can enhance your property, give you peace of mind, and ensure your parking space is always available for you to use.

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