If you have ever had anything stolen from your home, then you know the mental anguish that comes from being burgled. It makes you aware of the limitations your property provides for the safety of you and your belongings. However, there are ways to improve your home security.

We will show you the benefits of many options on the market such as bollards and CCTV. Then for those with not much of a budget, we will leave some low-cost security advice to read at the end.

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The best way to protect car from theft

A security post is one of the best ways to prevent car theft. By limiting escape routes that thieves can take, you can effectively box your car in on your driveway. Even in the worst-case scenario where a thief manages to steal your car, there’s a good chance the post will damage your vehicle while exiting.

Having your car become damaged in the process might not sound ideal but it can actually help with it being returned, here’s why:

  • Damaged cars are more likely to be pulled over and questioned by the police. They will want to investigate why a car on the road is damaged
  • Bad scratches can be seen in CCTV footage meaning the car can be tracked once reported stolen

Additionally, security posts are beneficial as they provide a permanent solution that works 24/7. Once you install a bollard it can be used it is a security fixture. It is an overall theft deterrent since it can enforce the belief that more of your property is security protected from a quick inspection by criminals.

Driveway security posts

Driveway security posts increase the distance it takes for a thief to travel to load up a van with your stolen goods. Burglars often use their vehicles to stop pedestrians from seeing them take items out of a window or door. Forcing them to park on the street means if they still attempt to steal from your property, they will have to do it with an audience.

Automatic bollards

Automatic bollards are a versatile way of protecting your home. Not only does it protect the assets outside your house but inside it too.

Simply by pressing a button on your phone or key fob, you can retract or raise your automatic post.

Your property may contain an array of expensive items. However, the possessions in your house might not be worth nearly as much as what you have outside it. Your car can be a thief’s dream, they may not steal it to sell but to use it in other criminal activities. Therefore you might want a way of protecting it that’s not as expensive and lengthy of a process as installing a gate. With an automatic bollard, you prevent vehicle access on your terms. Making it the best all-around product to protect your car from theft.

Although it is highly unlikely, an automatic bollard can protect your house or car from being rammed by a reckless driver. Living on a busy street means there is a greater chance of this happening. Therefore if you have the money available, there’s no reason not to invest in better protection of your home.

Telescopic bollards

Telescopic bollards are great for those looking for a cheaper option that is still retractable. Despite their more affordable price the materials and build are the same high quality.

Also, these posts are not electronic, so there is less to maintain and less to go wrong.

There are even lift-assisted telescopic posts that feel up to 70% lighter to raise than regular telescopic bollards.

Fold down parking post

Fold down parking posts are the most affordable option on the market for protecting your vehicle from theft. For those who are serious about preventing car theft but aren’t looking to spend a lot this is the best option.

Not only is the price a great incentive but the majority of them don’t require housing that is installed beneath the ground. This makes installation fast and easy.

Other ways you can improve property security

Property security doesn’t stop outside your home. This means there are plenty of other products on the market you should be aware of that can protect the inside of it too.

Home security camera (CCTV)

CCTV is a great deterrent and one of the best ways to protect your home. Often people forget that anyone who comes into your home can potentially steal from it. From cleaners to tradespeople or even friends and family, your belongings are always at risk. What can you do when your thief is someone you trust? Indoor cameras will stop the people you know from stealing from your home.

At Bison, we install professional security cameras. The cameras we stock will work:

  • Day and night
  • In all weather conditions
  • With a smartphone

Security alarm systems

If a window is broken or someone has managed to break your door’s lock, you want to be alerted. Modern systems are advanced enough to contact the police for you in the event that you aren’t home.

Deadbolt doors

Deadbolts provide a tight fit for your door frame. They have been used for hundreds of years to secure a property and secure in its simplicity. Forced entry is nearly impossible as even with a crowbar or knife, they are highly unlikely to break.

How to secure your home for free

Locking doors and windows are simple ways of preventing access to your home. But burglars will use the things around your house to find ways of entering and gaining better vantage points. So also think about:

  • Moving bins away from gates or points in your house that can be climbed on
  • Not keeping spare keys in typical spots like under plant pots or rocks
  • Perform monthly maintenance on windows and doors to ensure they can close and lock properly
  • Close blinds as often as you can so thieves cannot see the contents of your house or layout
  • Keep hedges lower than 120cm, burglars enjoy performing crimes in a sheltered spot

Bison Security Posts

At Bison Security Posts, we sell bollards to protect your home, business or venue. All the previously mentioned security posts are stocked and ready to be shipped. Optionally our installation service can help you if you want it fitted by an expert.

If you need help picking out the right model for you or have any further questions call 01708 956833.