Bollard Pricing Guide: Products, Installation & Servicing

The cost of bollards varies depending on the type, functionality and finish but – rest assured – there are options to suit all budgets.

At Bison Security Posts, our bollards range anywhere from £82.80 to £6,824.40 and everything in between. From simple fold-down security posts to state-of-the-art commercial automatic bollards, we offer an extensive selection of bollards and posts at a range of price points.

First, let’s start with how much different types of bollards are likely to cost.

Row of Bollards

Types of Bollards

Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are powered by hydraulic or pneumatic systems to extend or retract from the ground, enabling controlled access to an area without manual effort.

Automatic (or electric) bollards are an excellent and easy-to-use security measure for both residential and commercial locations. As these bollards are fully retractable and activated via a key fob, control panel or your smartphone, they’re a flexible solution that’s easy to manage in all environments.

The Bison collection of electric bollards features sleek designs and robust construction for optimal security. Ranging from £1,830 inc. VAT to £6,824.40 inc. VAT, they are a great investment if you’re looking for a convenient and adaptable security solution.

Benito Automatic Bollard 220×660

Manufactured using AISI-304 satin stainless steel, the Benito Automatic Bollard 220x660mm is a robust, commercial-grade bollard that is designed to offer resilience in a variety of environments. Priced at £3,954, it features integrated LED lights to enhance the visibility of this bollard, IP67 dust and water resistance, and a mass metal detector for optimal safety and security.

With a rising and lowering speed of just 4 seconds, along with a range of control options, the Benito automatic bollard is a cutting-edge.

Benito H6008

Stoppy B Automatic Bollard (500mm x 115mm)

As an electro-mechanical bollard, the Stoppy B Automatic Bollard combines functionality with simplicity. A diameter of 115mm makes it perfect for residential use, such as driveway security, and securing commercial premises.

The bollard is operated via your smartphone or key fob, or you can integrate it into your control system using the Perseo Control Panel. Priced at £1,830 inc. VAT, including one free Mitto key fob, this automated bollard is a cost-effective yet highly functional security option. 

Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic bollards are retractable posts installed in the ground, used for security and access control, which can be lowered flush to allow vehicle passage or raised to block it.

Telescopic or retractable posts are perfect if you’re looking for a security solution that can be used on an ad hoc basis. Often installed on residential driveways, you can rely on telescopic bollards to deliver enhanced security when in use and unrestricted access when not in use. At Bison, our range of telescopic bollards starts at £162.00 and goes up to £774 inc. VAT, so there’s a cost-effective option for every budget.

RAM Telescopic Post

Available at three above-ground heights and a range of colours, the RAM telescopic post is one of our best-selling retractable bollards. Well-suited for protecting vehicles on driveways, they are also frequently used by dealerships to provide security on vehicle forecourts.

Priced at £306 per bollard, with two high-security keys included, a RAM telescopic post is a must-have security solution for all driveways.

Square Telescopic Security Post / Bollard (90mm x 670mm)

Rhino Stainless Steel Lift Assist Telescopic Bollard

With an above-ground height of 710mm and stainless steel construction, the Rhino Stainless Steel Lift Assist Telescopic Bollard offers heavy-duty protection on both residential and commercial properties. Its internal gas spring mechanism significantly reduces its lifting weight, so you’ll find it easy to operate when you want to facilitate or restrict access. Priced at £774, this bollard makes optimising on-site security very straightforward.

Rhino lift assist bollard in ground

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are designed to be detached and removed from their mounting. They are secured in place when needed and can be completely taken away to allow unrestricted access.

If you’re looking for a temporary or ad hoc security solution, removable bollards could be the answer. As well as being lightweight and supremely functional, they make it easy to optimise security as and when required, without the need for fixed or permanent bollards. Our prices range from £138 – £282 inc. VAT, which makes them a popular choice for homes and businesses.

Heavy Duty Yellow Removable Security Post

This Heavy Duty Yellow Removable Security Post has an above-ground height of 800mm and extra deep 300mm ground base for added strength. Featuring a bright yellow powder coating, red and white reflective pads and two lift-out handles, it’s easy to use and a great deterrent priced at just £186.

Heavy duty removable yellow bollard

Removable Bollard – 790mm High

A simple yet highly effective design, our removable bollard (790mm) offers a high level of security at a relatively low price point of just £138. Available in black or blue, it stands at 790mm high with a ground spigot of 200mm for increased robustness. With a top-mounted spigot lid, it is completely covered when the post is not in use.

Heavy duty removable bollard

Static Bollard

Static bollards are fixed, permanent posts that are installed in a specific location and do not move.

When you’re looking for a permanent security solution or you want to permanently restrict access to a particular area, static bollards are the obvious choice. Ranging from £94.80 to £342 inc. VAT, our collection of fixed and static bollards and hoop barriers are a simple yet effective way to manage pedestrian traffic, increase security or implement access control measures.

Heavy Duty RB 101 Galvanised Steel Bollard (168mm Diameter)

Capable of withstanding serious impacts, the Heavy Duty RB 101 Galvanised Steel Bollard is designed to protect against ram raids or accidental vehicle collision. Utilising root fixing into a concrete foundation and available in three colours, it’s priced at just £240.

RB 101 Galvanised steel bollard

Fold Down Bollards

Fold-down bollards are designed to pivot horizontally to ground level, allowing vehicles to pass over them when access is permitted.

When you need a flexible and convenient way to enhance security, folding posts and bollards are a great choice. Not only are they affordable, with prices ranging from £82.80 to £414 inc. VAT, but they’re an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy way of securing driveways and commercial premises.

“No Parking” Post

If you want to protect your parking space(s) against unauthorised access, our Fold Down “No Parking” Post is exactly what you’re looking for. Its yellow colour and bold ‘no parking’ label ensures maximum visibility, while its integral top lock makes it easy to secure into place or fold down when it’s not in use. Available at £82.80 inc. VAT, it’s the perfect way to protect parking at home or at work.

Fold down no parking post

Bollard Finishes

In the same way that the type of bollard you choose affects its price, the finish you select can have an impact on cost too. Here, we take a closer look at the finish options available within the Bison collection and give you a pricing lowdown.

Stainless Steel

Both plain and brushed stainless steel finishes offer contemporary styling, as well as fantastic functionality. You’ll find removeable, fixed, telescopic and automatic stainless steel bollards within the Bison range, with prices stretching from £102 to £3,954. Often chosen for its strength, stainless steel bollards can provide ‘anti-ram’ protection and are a popular choice for both home and commercial use. 


You might assume that aluminium, cast iron or steel bollards are the go-to choice for optimal security but timber bollards are also a great way to restrict access to a designated space. Low maintenance and sustainably sourced, our timber bollards are available from £226.80 to £342 inc. VAT. Complete with energy-efficient LED lighting, our timber bollards are a fantastic choice when you want to enhance security in natural surroundings, such as parks or gardens, or you want to cultivate a discreet yet stylish exterior design.


A plain bollard offers all of the functionality you need with as many features as you require. Opt for telescopic, fold down, anti-terrorism, automatic, fixed or removable posts when you choose from our range of plain bollards at £90 to £6,824.40 inc. VAT.


A coloured bollard can increase visibility to ensure your security measures never go unnoticed or complement your exterior design for subtle yet effective security. You’ll find a wide range of coloured posts and bollards within the Bison collection, including powder-coated blue, black, red, yellow, green, and grey finishes.

 At prices from £126 to 670.80 inc. VAT, you can add a burst of colour to your premises or property when you select bollards and posts from this range.


Illuminated bollards not only maximise visibility and reduce the risk of accidental impacts, they can also enhance the exterior design of any environment. If you want to ensure that posts and bollards will be visible at any time of the day or night, select a style from our illuminated range, starting at £226.80 to £6,824.40.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Bollards?

Just like the price of a bollard varies depending on the type, style, and finish, the cost (and feasibility) of bollard installation can vary depending on a number of factors too.

To get a better idea of our professional bollard installation services include, take a look at the factors we take into account when assessing the price of bollard installation:

Two telescopic bollards installed by Bison

Legal Requirements

Before installing bollards, it’s important to check whether they are any legal requirements or guidelines that you’ll need to satisfy or any restrictions that may affect your plans. In some spaces, such as on public pavements or walkways, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate authorisation and adhere to relevant health and safety regulations, for example. 

Bollard Spacing

Bollard spacing and placement has a significant impact on performance and functionality. You may want to restrict vehicular access to a particular area while facilitating pedestrian traffic, for example. To achieve this, you’ll need to consider how far apart bollards need to be placed and where they should be situated for optimal security and performance.

Potential Hazards

Before drilling into the ground to install bollards or posts, it’s vital to check whether there are any existing hazards that could affect the installation. Pipes and wiring should be visible on site plans, for example, and they can help to determine where it’s safe to install security bollards and posts.

Preparing the Base

Installing bollards or posts with a concrete base ensures they are fixed into place securely, but the base needs to be prepared properly to maximise the strength and longevity of the post. Depending on the type of bollard you select, a spigot or case may be fixed into the ground or the bollard may be situated directly in the concrete base. Either way, the area must be cleaned of debris and reach a requisite depth to ensure the bollard can be integrated into the ground effectively. 

How Much Does It Cost to Service a Bollard?

Keeping bollards and posts well-maintained increases their effectiveness and their lifespan, so it’s important to service bollards and posts at regular intervals to maximise your ROI. Again, the cost of servicing a bollard depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Frequency of maintenance
  • Local environment
  • Bollard type and finish

Regular cleaning with a soft brush and mild detergent may be an effective way to keep bollards and posts clean, for example, while hinges and pivots on automatic, telescopic or fold down posts may require lubrication for smooth operation. 

Visually inspecting and testing bollards at regular intervals can also be a good way to spot any signs of wear and tear at an early stage. This allows for swift repair, which will protect your investment and ensure your bollards and security posts continue to offer an optimal level of protection. 

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