Bison has its own professionally qualified installation team. We’re fully trained, equipped and insured.

Here are the steps of a typical security post installation:

  • On our arrival, we will agree the best position for the bollard.
  • We will initiate a survey of the surrounding ground with a CAT Scanner to insure there are no electric cables below.
  • We install the bollard(s), make good and remove any waste material.
  • If required, we will show you how to use and maintain your new post.
  • Bison Security Posts installation service covers the South East of England, but if required we can arrange installation throughout the country using our network of subcontractors.

With car theft being on the increase, a Bison post will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is secure. A security post is key to deterring potential criminal access your home in search of car keys with this post deterrent in their way.

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